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Large cotton tote bag, pictured with a sprig of purple and pale blue dried flowers. The bag features an illustration of suffragettes marching under purple and green bunting with lettering spelling: Totes For Women. The suffragettes are carrying banners reading: Votes For Women.
An oblique image of the bag close up, showing suffragettes marching under purple and green bunting and carrying banners. The Clavis and Claustra logo is visible at the bottom of the image.
The Totes For Women tote bag pictured with the Notes For Women notebook and Deeds Not Words to do list pad. Each item features matching purple, white & green bunting.

Totes For Women tote bag

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Large cotton tote, holds more weight than a parliamentary debate.

Suffragette-themed large shopper bag, in a thick 170gsm cotton with long handles. Quirky Votes For Women illustration in green & purple - the colours of the WSPU - celebrating women in history. Ideal for pun-loving feminists & fashionable herstorians. Printed in Yorkshire.