Gingerbell Books

Welcome to the world of the Bringernooks!
Introducing the debut picture book by Amanda Redstone and Genevieve Lowles: The Bringernooks of Wetherton Bee is the tale of the delightful woodland creatures who live in a little treetop village.  But who are these odd little creatures?
Why do they all have colourful beards?  And what happens when a stranger comes a-knocking?

This fabulous tale in verse, with gorgeous watercolour illustrations, explores the importance of welcoming strangers, valuing differences and looking beyond appearances.  Diversity, equality and community are at the heart of Gingerbell Books, and this enriching story is certain to bring joy to all who read it. 

The Bringernooks of Wetherton Bee is the first in the Bringernooks series and the first children's book to be published by Gingerbell Books, children's imprint of Clavis & Claustra.  Please support this lovely book and independent publishing by requesting a copy at your local bookshop.  You can also buy directly from the link below.

Clavis & Claustra is a proud signatory of Inclusive Minds' charter for diversity, equality and accessibility in children's publishing, Everybody In.