"Rebel" Suffragette Range

It took women decades of defiance to win the right to vote, a right so often now taken for granted. A century on, there is still much to fight for.

Celebrating the campaign for equal suffrage in late 19th & early 20th centuries, this range is Clavis & Claustra’s best selling, popular across the UK and in the US. Watch out for new products later this year.

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Yaasss Queen Range

Why be a princess when you can be a queen?! Channel the sass and power from centuries of female rulers who said no to being told what to do and said yes to being unashamedly fabulous.

Be the queen you were born to be. Reign every day.

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"Toil & Trouble" Witch Range

For centuries, tens of thousands of people, many of them women and many of them poor, were persecuted as witches sometimes simply for being assertive.

In recognition of the witch-hunts in early modern Europe, this range combines period woodcut artwork with cheeky modern captions, celebrating the spirit of defiance in the face of persecution. New designs coming soon.

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Love Love Range

Recorded history has too often omitted the lives, loves and achievements of queer people of all identities. This brand new range will showcase some of history's most fabulous figures, beginning with the colourful genius, Frida Kahlo.

More icons to join the party next year.

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"Bluestocking" Literary Range

"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid." - Jane Austen

Venerating the genius of some of the best female writers and thinkers in history, this range has rapidly expanded the list of authors and thinkers celebrated. Additions regularly added.

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"Treasure & Leisure" Classic Range

Heritage is the moss-clad ruins of a once glorious abbey; the carved oak treasure chest of generations past.

This range celebrates treasures through the ages. The key & the lock, symbols of freedom, secrecy, punishment, security, treasure and intrigue: these gifts have a simple elegance with a multitude of meanings. ‘Key & lock’ is also the meaning, in Latin, of Clavis & Claustra.

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Gingerbell Children's Books

Children's imprint of Clavis & Claustra, celebrating heritage, equality & diversity.

Enter the world of The Bringernooks of Wetherton Bee, where a stranger brings more than just her tales of adventure. This is the first tale of the Bringernooks, with other stories due to follow. Diversity in children's publishing is at the heart of Gingerbell Books.

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