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Photo of a grey marl t-shirt with the Bronte sisters iconic portrait except they have had a Goth makeover - they all have black hair, make up and piercings. Above is the caption "Sisterhood".
Close up of Charlotte Bronte who is wearing a black studded collar with a ring at the front. She has a nose ring and a lip piercing and dramatic eye make up.
Close up of Emily and Anne Bronte. Anne has a tiny heart tattoo on her cheek, and a septum piercing, along with a beaded choker. Emily has a Heathcliff tattoo, lip piercings, an eyebrow piercing, and horns!
Close up of the grey marl t-shirt fabric.
Close up of the sleeve seam.
Photo of the t-shirt hanging up from a hanger against a blue background.

Brontë Sisterhood t-shirt

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Girls who write together, fight (the patriarchy) together.

A madwoman in the attic, a ghost at the window, and imprisonment by a monster…the Brontë sisters’ creations are gothic classics. Charlotte, Emily and Anne are the OG Goth squad.

The Bad Girls of Victorian Literature are featured here with a modern makeover for feminists, goth girls and literature lovers alike.

Light grey marl 150gsm weight heavy cotton in sizes S–XXL.