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Recorded history has too often omitted the lives, loves and achievements of queer people of all identities. This brand new range will showcase some of history's most fabulous icons, beginning with the colourful genius, Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo greetings card
Oozing self-assurance and a rebellious attitude, this large Frida Kahlo card is perfect for art lovers, feminists, and devotees of queer history.

Frida Kahlo coaster
A bright and beautiful accompaniment to your Frida mug.


Frida Kahlo mug
Start your day with a mugful of colour, and a swig of revolution.
Presented in a gift box.

Frida Kahlo pocket mirror
You know you're looking fierce today, but it doesn't hurt to remind yourself now and again.
This handy 3" pocket mirror is a perfect handbag companion.