Heroine Addict

History is full of amazing heroines, and once you start discovering them, you can't stop. This new range will celebrate all kinds of women who were winning at life, starting with some killer queens.

NEW! Yaasss Queen! greetings card
For that special someone who has a whole empire of sass, this large card celebrates some of the baddest queens in history.

NEW! Heroine Addict coasters
Super fun coasters to accompany your super heroine mugs.
Yaasss Queen coaster currently OUT OF STOCK

NEW! Yaasss Queen! mug
Every time you sip your tea you can raise a toast to all your fearsome female forebears.
Presented in a gift box.

NEW! Yaasss Queen! pocket mirror
You know you're looking totes feroshe today, but it doesn't hurt to remind yourself now and again.
This handy 3" pocket mirror is a perfect handbag companion.